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       Plic De Bani Cu Fundita Rosie
- Disponibil: DA
- Oferta Speciala: NU
- Lichidare de stoc: NU


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Plic De Bani Cu Fundita Rosie    
Plic De Bani Cu Fundita Rosie
Plicu de bani cu fundita rosie.Lucrat manual!
Despre produs:

Latime :  11cm
Culoare:  alb sidefat iar fundita disponibila in orice culoare la cererea clientului
Cod PP 5

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Plic De Bani Cu Fundita Rosie

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aema3Bb5NQq a scris in data 07-11-2013:
I need to be clearer. All that is wet and clear and looks like water to the unmniorfed is not drinkable. Think swimming pool water. You cannot drink process water (supply and return), cooling tower water, or fire prevention water because they have been chemically treated for other uses. You also can't drink water, even from the drinking water pipe, if the main pipe is too big or if the take-off is at the end of the line. It's easy to hook a hose or coffee pot spigot up to one of these lines and drink it because it looks exactly like water and almost tastes like water. The free market and physics are not the same. I have never heard the term 'gravity failure,' but I have heard the term 'free market failure.'Business should absorb the cost (and pass it on to the customer). You should be able to go to a store and escape out the fire door in the back if the building catches on fire on the front. Do you know how many of those are chained, locked, or blocked? If the fire inspector does not force the issue, will you go in the back and check? Will the store owner worry about this?I too believe we have more government than we need. But at the same time, I realize a lot of what we take for granted happens because professionals are protecting you behind the scene without you even knowing about it. Some of those people are even government folks or me :)You can call it the 'extortion angle,' but I call it holding them accountable so our people on the floor don't get hurt.

IPNrRhNk a scris in data 23-10-2013:
Jennyyyy!!!Por fin nos enteramos de lo que era lo que te habedas copramdo!! Que nos tenedas en ascuas jajaja =DJope, que ce1mara me1s chulaaaa!! Menuda envidia, yo me voy a pedir una para navidad a ver si los reyes se estiran y me la traen jejeEspero ver fotos pronto! Un besitooo

oJ6w8OUNwb a scris in data 23-10-2013:
Baldovin,cred ca fiecare are o peisvectrpa unica nu numai asupra Craciunului dar a vietii in general,de aceea cred ca este bine sa ne mai uitam si in jur si sa furam din ceea ce ne place la ceilalti.Astfel ne imbogatim cultura,ne largim orizonturile,ne luminam mintile si poate chiar ne incalzim si mai tare sufletul.La multi ani!

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