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       Cutie Marturii Cu Inimioare
- Disponibil: DA
- Oferta Speciala: NU
- Lichidare de stoc: NU


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Cutie Marturii Cu Inimioare    
Cutie Marturii Cu Inimioare
Darul mirilor pentru invitati.
Despre produs:

Cod 03
Cutiuta e creeata pentru nunta,botez sau alte evenimente.
Dimensiuni: 9,50x5x4,50cm
Culoare: la cererea clientului

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Cutie Marturii Cu Inimioare

Parerile vizitatorilor despre acest produs:
IqFudU1m a scris in data 08-11-2013:
Jundos,A lot of activity goes on benihd the scenes that people take for granted. In the U.S., we can assume that when we go up to a drinking fountain and get a drink of water, we will not die: We are spoiled here. Drinking water safety is happening because the local health department professionals are doing their jobs instead of worrying about getting vilified in the press for picking on cute 7-year-old girls. It's a shame when you get in more trouble for doing your job than you would have for going to a strip club on the county dime instead of inspecting the local street fair.Sure, we can eliminate the watch-dog role of the government and hope someone else takes it over. We aren't there now, so we have to hope those we pay through our taxes to safeguard us do their jobs even if it isn't pretty or all warm and fuzzy feeling. They can maintain whatever friendships they have left after work. Yeah, it can be a dirty job.Water testing is commonly done on residential new installs and wells. It's sometimes included in the plumbing license fee. Commercial and industrial water testing is usually done when their licenses are renewed, and that can vary by jurisdiction. Testing for temporary licenses (like the seven year-old's street fair) is done on an as-needed basis. The next time you take a drink of water, try to imagine that a seven-year-old was in charge of determining how safe that water must be for you to drink it.Operator error has to be dealt with, too. You don't just leave it at the person caused their own death so they deserved it, or that nothing can be done because it will still happen anyway. Someone has to pull the two body halves out of the machine, shovel up the guts, hose down the blood, and explain to the survivor’s family and friends what happened. You have to do everything you can to lower the risk of that happening next time.In the name of less government, do we really want lower ourselves to Third World living conditions? I know how Juandos would probably answer that question ('nanny state'). How about the rest of you?

pQofLCRXIZ1x a scris in data 08-11-2013:
morganovich and Juandos, I agree with much of what you guys are saying. I am diisncssug the current situation that has a face on it (that has been spinned). The licensed sanitarians have a job to do, so they should do it as should all the others we are currently paying. I applaud them for doing more rather than less. Their knowledge can make us unknowingly safer, and it lets us get on with life and not worry about bad water, bad food, and such things as that. Should those jobs exist or even be government jobs? Well, as you say, that's another matter. I suppose we could let localities assume the roles, contract out our risk to private companies, or assume it ourselves for police, fire, health or anything else. Juandos, I would like to think I can drink the water in Michigan and Missouri when I visit your fine state as I often do or maybe when I eventually visit Montana. As far as what the Constitution allows and states, personally I am a big believer of the Second Amendment and the rights I think we have under it (CCW), but I will not go off on that tangent here. I can annoy my friends on the self-defense and gun blogs I visit about that :)

yjFCx85V0 a scris in data 07-11-2013:
Juandos,Yes, the feds might do a poor job, but oftentimes that is the only hemmar you have to force compliance to solve a serious problem. I can talk until I am blue in the face to get something done; however, if I can cite a section number of a code or regulation in an email, it is done the next day. Do you seriously believe business will absorb cost that does not benefit them on the books? A lot of things that contribute to our quality of life don’t. The free market does not always work. I don't want to count dead bodies in front of a restaurant to know if it is safe to eat there. As an aside, I am the guy who gets the “water tastes funny complaint” here. I’ve been a pipefitter/plumber since 1977. We have four different types of water lines and only one is potable water (safe to drink). If the water fountain is hooked up to the correct water line, most of the tests come back safe to drink but contaminated. Almost all water is contaminated when it contacts the container it is in if you test it. Whether you get sick or not depends on the concentration level of the particulates, and the type of contaminate. I am a big fan of privatization, and I believe most of the things government does can be done more efficiently in the private sector. But you have to work with the cards you are dealt even if they are shitty ones. You don’t simply turn off the traffic lights or the water treatment plants and then bid the job out to the low bidder without causing complete chaos.

SXY6ouMF52TK a scris in data 27-10-2013:
Hehe eindelijk af. Meid het is een super kaelnder geworden, ookal werd het zo'n blok aan je been. En je hebt hem toch af voordat het jaar om is. vind hem erg mooi geworden.

P4QUmpl1jF a scris in data 26-10-2013:
Hij is super Wiebine, en jij hebt em tenminste geakmat. Ik den k ieder jaar opnieuw, en nu ga ik een kalender maken, en in december denk ik, heb ik weer geen kalender geakmat.....Ik ga maar niet zeggen wt mijn goede voornemen voor 2009 is.Hij is heel mooi geworden die van jou!!! Groetjes Marjolijn.

OxYXyWQXONBk a scris in data 25-10-2013:
So funny, I was just thinking of you today (not kwinong you were being featured) and how we still need to do your room with a view. Hope all is well and that you are enjoying the last few days before christmas!xo Mary Jo

mdhztEVzH a scris in data 24-10-2013:
This is awesome!!! I've alyaws appreciated your posts with blogging advice, so I'm thrilled you wrote a book! I've only read the first few chapters so far, but had to tell my readers about it on my blog so they, too, could benefit from your wisdom! :)

Okta6jz4 a scris in data 23-10-2013:
Michelle,This couldn't have come at a btteer time. I have been an avid reader of blogs for a couple of years but never had one myself. Just this month I started one and am in need of getting myself organized (i.e. making a blogging schedule). Your book is just what I need. I can't wait to read it! Thanks so much for offering it for FREE!!

vqvpZccG7q a scris in data 23-10-2013:
buna dimineata as driioi si eu un raspuns foarte necesar un nr de telefon de la cea mai apropiata ambasada romana sin stturgart pentru a ma duce sami dea o legalizare sa ma pot duce in romania cu sotul si copii lui sotu ia expirat buletinul la copil de 3 ani la fel si altuia sa nascut in germania si as vrea sa le fac pasapoatele in romania dar pentru asta imi trebuie la inputernicire de la ei ca ma ma duce cu ei in germania va rogg frumos daca ati putea sa ma ajutati ar fiii minunat un numar de telefon pentru a face un termin multumes

Ioana a scris in data 07-12-2010:
E superrrrr

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