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       Invitatie Maro Cu Floare
- Disponibil: DA
- Oferta Speciala: NU
- Lichidare de stoc: NU

PRET  3.5  RON

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Invitatie Maro Cu Floare    
Invitatie Maro Cu Floare
Creata manual!Un design interesant!
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Cod 010
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Invitatie Maro Cu Floare

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Leiiw65FcT a scris in data 07-11-2013:
'So my role is not much different than the gorvenment workers you complain about'...Hmmm but you're not a gorvenment employee right Walt G?I've often wondered if private industry doesn't need its own version of instead of depending on politically driven safety standards issued by people who don't have a clue?

cOzsFSjBWEb a scris in data 24-10-2013:
This is absolutely woufrednl - exactly what I need! Thank you so, so much for all the time you took to write it and for making it free. I love that you go into specifics (like with your schedule) instead of the vague 'I find time around my household duties' sort of thing! I can't wait to finish reading this!

Mz0h7T76hd99 a scris in data 22-10-2013:
Oh's beautiful. Another giiettrlng masterpiece from the gang. Thank you Johnny, Ruth, Adam, and Nat. You guys can do no wrong.As if I wasn't already excited for After Dark 2. Amazing!!!Hugs & Kisses =)

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