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       Invitatie Maro Cu Inimioare
- Disponibil: DA
- Oferta Speciala: NU
- Lichidare de stoc: NU


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Invitatie Maro Cu Inimioare    
Invitatie Maro Cu Inimioare
Invitatie pe fundal maro ornata cu o bentita cu inimioare rosii
Despre produs:

Cod 013
Invitatul are posibilitatea de a scoate textul afara si sa puna poza facuta la nunta alaturi de miri.
Dimensiuni: 19,50x11 cm
Culori: la cererea clientului
Textul: la cererea clientului

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Invitatie Maro Cu Inimioare

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6qOJrOnt29 a scris in data 12-11-2013:
well you have to look at both sides. people are trynig to buy houses without actually having money to do so. thus the bankers actually helped these people get homes. however, it was a failing strategy cause we all knew the people would default on their payments. the bankers were just looking out for themselves by creating such strategies. the question is, we know how it started, but once it did, what to do, and who is it right for? the bankers? or the lower class people?

Oe0jFm6ShA a scris in data 07-11-2013:
'You don’t simply turn off the tarffic lights or the water treatment plants and then bid the job out to the low bidder without causing complete chaos.' - WaltHey Walt, you need to watch Stossel's recent show on planes, trains and automobiles. There are places in Europe where they ARE turning off the tarffic lights. What they have found is that there are FEWER accidents and tarffic moves faster. People rely on paying attention to other drivers and pedestrians rather than blindly assuming that when the tarffic light turns green they can go.On the water treatment plants: I live about a quarter mile from the water tower in my town, yet I don't have city water. I could get city water run to the house, but the street I live on shares a common artesian well and we all voluntarily pay $10/mo for water and when something breaks, we all kick in to get it fixed. Somehow, it doesn't feel like chaos, much less complete chaos.

rGfBJgOM a scris in data 23-10-2013:
Hi, thanks for psnitog these wonderful photos of your london trip. I love reading your blog :D Im gg to UK next year to study, but i'm not sure if there's any asian skincare in UK or not. (im too used to using Jap & Korean stuff). What are some of the skincare/makeup brands you would recommend in UK? Thanks alot :)

tpooqTXf a scris in data 22-10-2013:
WOW!!! This is one of the best reflection shots I have seen! I would not have guesesd this to be a reflection shot, if you had not mentioned it.. I thought you shot between leaves stuck on a window or something. Great shot!

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